Ideas for a Beginning Knitting Hobby

When learning to knit, learning is often easier when you have a project to start instead of simply practicing stitches. A novice knitter can accomplish several simple projects. These projects will allow you to practice a variety of stitches, casting on, casting off and various other techniques that will keep you busy and feeling accomplished.

This is often the most common project that many knitters start with. A variety of stitches can be practiced with scarves and you will learn to cast on and cast off. Color changes are simple to learn and illusion knitting is a possibility with such a smaller scale project.

Using cotton yarn, you can easily make an entire set of dishrags for your kitchen. Whether you need rags to dry, rags to wash, or even rags to use for art projects, these simple projects can be done in a few hours and multiple stitches can be practiced.

Baby Blankets-
These simple, small squares can be easily created in a day’s time. Whether you give these blankets to someone you know, use them in the dog bed or use them as a throw on the couch, a small blanket is a nice way to start a useful project that will allow you to practice several knitting techniques.

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